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Caravan & Benson Buddies are weekly kids clubs that use an active, hands-on learning approach to help kids discover, develop, experience, and grow spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically. Benson Buddies is geared towards children who are four to six years old but are not yet in first grade, while Caravan is for children in first through sixth grade. These programs direct children to the Lord Jesus Christ, show them how to apply God’s word to their lives, and help them understand the holiness beliefs of the Church of the Nazarene. 


Caravan is even more fun when you can get together with other churches in your area and participate in a combined event.

If you have a Caravan program (or would like to start a program) and would like to learn about events in your mission area,

please contact us at

SAFCN Caravan
Badge Ceremony
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